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{S3: Challenge 03} Results

★ Winners can request banners from custom_banners.
★ If you would like to know your voting results, comment with the number of your icon and whether you would like them screened or unscreened.
★ Submissions are now unscreened. Please get permission from the iconmaker if you want to use any of the icons from this round.








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05 (-2)
[ - ] The coloring itself seems a little flat and hard to distinguish the character or text because of how small it is in comparison. Maybe lightening the text and focusing more and the character rather than the faded backdrop would help.
[ - ] The overall composition of the icon seems off. The foreground image is too far scaled down; the background and bg image do not mesh well with the foreground either.
[ + ] I like how the text wraps to fit the image and the placement of the image emphasizes helplessness.
[ - ] in my opinion, the bigger image of Riza is redundant does not contribute to the icon; to me it looks like some sort of ghost, instead of just being a reduplicated image that should add something to the icon.
[ + ] (no comment)
[ - ] It looks like there's supposed to be something in the background, but it's too dark to make it out.
Unscreened for 3, please~
03 (+2)
[ + ] I love the background texture and the text/tiny text in the foreground. The base image is cropped excellently and the whole icon to fits together well.
[ - ] the icons balance feels off, the text is too centered
[ + ] (no comment)
[ - ] The choice of words are alright but the colour of the text is a little odd. It doesn't stand out much.
[ + ] Wonderful composition
[ + ] Great text placement and decorative brushes. Also, nice match with the crop and texture bakcground.
Awww thank you! And congrats to fleur_eternelle!

screened comments for #6 please~
Comments unscreened please!
Could you please read the rules at the top of the post? It states to please include the number of your icon and whether you want the comments screened or unscreened. If you're confused on the process, maybe try looking at the other comments for help?
Apologies again! Comments unscreened for #2 please.
Thank you for the mod's choice! Congrats to implication!

Can I have unscreened for #4?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! ♥
04 (+1)
[ + ] Great crop and text. Really like the overall balance and how everything ties in together here.
[ - ] The icon way too pixelated/grainy, ruining the image. I do like how well the text fits the image, however.
[ + ] Great coloring on the background, it really makes the image pop.
Can I have unscreened for #7, please?
07 (0)
[ + ] I love the simplicity this icon shows.
[ - ] Too plain, it needed something else.