☆ retro glamour hollywood ☆ (aztec) wrote in fullmetal_lims,
☆ retro glamour hollywood ☆

Mod Announcement

Thank you all for your patience while I've given consideration to the future of this community. Unfortunately I will be stepping down as the moderator. I've started a new job with a heavier workload and have other communities to maintain as well. Participation here has slowed dramatically and I'm afraid I can't dedicate the time and effort it would take to properly revive it.

As such, I'm putting this community up for adoption. If you're interested in taking ownership of it, please leave a comment to this post (all comments screened) and, to make sure the community goes to a good home, if you could include any previous moderator experience you've had.

I'll make another announcement once I've chosen a new moderator (or more than one, if necessary). Thanks again for your patience and understanding.

- Li
Tags: !admin: announcement
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