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Fullmetal Alchemist LIMS

a last icon maker standing challenge

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Welcome to the Fullmetal Alchemist Last Icon Maker Standing (LIMS) community! Beginning with a sign-up for each round, each iconist will make an icon for each challenge following the guidelines in the post. At the end of the week, the icons are posted and voted on, and whoever has the most negative points will be eliminated and so on until there remains the final winner.

Season 3 is now in progress!

To participate in fullmetal_lims you must be signed up on the Participant List before the beginning of the round. Season 3 sign-ups are currently open until November 30, or until we fill 20 participant spots, whichever happens first.

New challenges will be posted every Monday at 12 NOON and will close 11:59 PM Friday night. Voting will be posted by 12 NOON Saturday, and close 11:59 PM Sunday night. Extensions may be used if needed, and all times are EST.

Each challenge consists of two parts, the Subject and the Theme. The subject will express what the icon should focus on, and the theme will provide you with an element you must incorporate. For example, if the challenge says, "Villains - Light Textures" the icon should focus on a villain from the series and feature the use of a light texture.

This LIMS contest accepts icons from any official source, including both animes, the manga, and artbook images. FANART IS NOT ALLOWED. Any icon featuring non-official art will be disqualified. Unless specified in the individual challenge rules, any of the above listed media may be used on any challenge. If the maintainers are unsure of your icon content, you may be asked to provide your source image.

All icons submitted must be newly made for each challenge and may not be shown anywhere until the winners for that round have been posted. If you're caught showcasing your submitted icon (including userpics, icon posts, etc) you will be immediately disqualified from the round and may be barred from future rounds. Also, submitted icons must meet Livejournal standards (100px by 100px, 40kb max).

Submitted icons should be posted to the corresponding challenge post and should use the following template:

URL: http://i39.tinypic.com/1s1i8o.png

Voting can be done by both participants and non-members using the provided form from the voting post. When casting a vote for elimination, you are required to give a specific reason such as "There's too much contrast in this icon" or "The text overwhelms the subject" (ie; a definitive reason). Reasons such as "I hate that character" or "the colors are ugly" will not be accepted and you will be asked to edit/recast your vote. The key here is constructive criticism when voting against an icon. When voting for a favourite icon, a reason in optional but encouraged. Strategic or selective voting (voting to eliminate one specific icon) and friendship voting (telling your friends which icon is yours and getting them to vote for it) are both prohibited, and will be handled with zero leniency if discovered.

Votes are tallied as +1 for positives and -1 for negatives, with the total score being the deciding count for advancement/elimination.

Each participant is given one (1) skip during sign-up, and may earn 1 additional skip for promoting the community in a public place prior to the posting of the first round. To use your skip on a given week (excluding the first, and last three rounds) simply post a note to that effect on whatever challenge post you want to pass on. Current tally of skips will be noted next to the person's name on the Participant List. If you do not submit an icon to a challenge before the round closes, a skip will be used for you. If you do not have any skips left, you will be eliminated by default.

Winning categories are People's Choice (most positive votes) and Mod's Choice (best interpretation of theme). The final winner of each season will receive a $10 gift certificate for Livejournal.com courtesy of the community maintainer. Those wishing to have banners for their winning icons will be referred to a request community such as custom_banners.

This community is maintained by lithographic. It was originally created and run by krispy_kira and mister_bushido, and was generously donated May 2009. The layout credit belongs to thefulcrum. All icons belong to their respective makers, please do not take them without permission. Fullmetal Alchemist © Hiromu Arakawa.

If you'd like to be an affiliate, or just have a general question, please comment on our Contact post. We're accepting all FMA-related, icon and LIMS-related communities!

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